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how long does ittake to update BIOS?

I am putting together a Hero IX.I used the flashback button to load a new BIOS. I put in a thumb drive with the renamed BIOS in the root. I pushed the button until it started blinking. It quickly went to a solid on light.It has been more than 45 minu...

Gaming and Video Editing Build 2018

Hello everyone,I am trying to build a gaming, streaming, and video editing battle station :cool:First off budget is $5000 I was shipping my computer back for repair, and UPS completely destroyed it and has issued me a check for the cost of the unit. ...

Will this RAM work in my system?

Hello,I currently have an ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING motherboard with 64gb of Corsair RAM inside.I am a 3D artist and am finding this is not enough, so I am thinking of purchasing this RAM from Corsair. https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/Categories/Prod...

ROG Aura Terminal Discontinued??

Hello,I am in the final stages of upgrading my gaming rig from a i7-4790K/Maximus XII Impact to a new i7-10700K/Strix Z490-G and am wanting to add some LED strips to my new Fractal Meshify C Mini. I looked at the product page for the ROG Aura Termina...

PG27AQN Not able to 360 hz on 4:3 resolutions

Having problem in games and cs go getting 360 hz on 4:3 without it lowering to 240 hz, even in the 25 eports mode.And in nvdia control panel, all 4:3 resolutions show 240 hz maximum.Does anyone have a fix for this?Or are we talking about an Nvidia pr...

BIOS doen't recognize second GPU!

Hi there,first of all ... if such a discussion already exists, I'm sorry I searched the web far and wide and didn't find a solution. Another apology if I should have posted this in another category, I'm brand new in the Forum.My rig is as follows:Asu...