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Cannot connect to some devices over VPN

Level 7
I have two Asus AX86U routers set up as AiMesh. I have configured OpenVPN and can successfully connect to my home network from outside. I can reach e.g. my NAS and other devices without any issues through the vpn tunnel.

I also have a number of Reolink cameras. They can be accessed directly by IP and use port 9000 by default. I can easily connect to them from inside my LAN.

However I cannot connect to my Reolink cameras through the vpn tunnel. There is a timeout and I also cannot ping the cameras.

Now I have to add that I have blocked internet access for my cameras by going to child security, time table and select the cameras with dropdown value "blocked" (which is basically a 24/7 blocking policy). The reason why I do this is that Reolink offers internet access to the cameras and I don't want to make use of this for privacy reasons and I really want to be sure that no one can access these cameras.

It seems to me that this internet access blockage is the reason why I cannot connect to these devices and from my understanding this is because the router is not allowing it. However I don't understand why this should not be allowed - I feel it is a quite common and understandable use case that you don't want some devices to connect to the internet but you want to access them through vpn. Is my assumption right that this is the cause? Why? How can I work around that?