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ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Wi-Fi 7 Router

It seems the release of the Wi-Fi 7 Router, GT-BE98 will be "soon".Considering, it took 2 years for the user to gain use of the 6 GHz radio after the AXE11000 was released, anyone have any guesses as to how long it will be before user access to Wi-Fi...

GT-AXE11000 monthly disconnects and crashes

Hi everyone, I've been following threads related to the GT-AXE11000 around here and after the last week I've had, I felt the need to ask for help regarding my unstable system. My setup is this router connected to my modem from Comcast (XB-7), and th...

jerzor by Level 7
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Guest Network Problems on GT-AX11000 AiMesh Network

Hi,New to the forums. I have an AiMesh network composed of two GT-AX11000 routers connected to one another via ethernet. I have various devices connected to the 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and 5Ghz-1 bands and they are able to connect to the main router or the me...

ceglia by Level 9
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GT-AX11000 - Totally unreliable 2.4Ghz

Hi All, I have an issue with my GT AX11000 router. My router is having issues connecting to pretty much all of my 2.4GHz devices. I have a number of them.I use the Sonoff Smart switches for various lights and devices around the house. In addition to...

GT-AX11000 2.5G Port Unable To Reach 1.5G Speed

Sup all? Haven't posted in a long time.Upgraded my interwebs here today, got a 1.5G line and did a test using the new modem hit 1.6G no problem wired in using CAT8.Set bridge mode on the modem, power cycled and connected it to my AX11000, plugged my ...

MegaHapa by Level 7
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GT-AX11000 Dropping WAN Connection

Hi All,I have two GT-AX11000 routers. One is the main router and I have a second GT-AX11000 which is configured as a mesh router that is hardwired into the primary router.Every 12-36 hours I will lose internet on all my devices. I log into the router...

AXE11000 and Nest Camera Issues

I have an issue where all (8) my nest cameras constantly disconnect and reconnect all day long. The logs say it is for an unspecified reason.

mploc by Level 7
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