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My first build!!!

Level 9
Ok, so it's finally complete. A big thanks to Nate for suffering through all my questions. Final,build ended up being more than budget, but I ended up getting what I wanted. Here is a full parts list from the build:

Corsair Graphite Series 760T Black/Red
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha
Intel i7-6700K
Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200Mhz 16GB
Dual GeForce GTX 1080 Founders' Editions
Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD
Intel 540 Series 1TB SSD
Western Digital Black Series 4TB HDD
Swiftech H240 X2 CPU cooler
EVGA Supernova P2 1000W
Acer Predator 27" monitor

Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard
Razer Mamba mouse
Razer Firefly Mouse Mat

The picture only shows one GPU because I just got the second one in today and installed it.

I am very happy with it!!

Level 7
Look's good.
Kind of similar to what I'm doing with mine.
I'm waiting for Newegg to ship me my motherboard today. 1st one they sent was defective. Maximus VIII Hero.
PCIe x16 1 fell off the board without being touched.
I've got the i5 6600K, G-Skill DDR4 3200 32GBs, NZXT Phantom 820 Black case w/HUE Lighting, Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 (in push/pull at cases top), Samsung 850 EVO 500GB M.2, Intwl 710 Series 480GB, Seagate Barracuda 3.0TB hdd and the same psu as you.

Hi oldfart1974

It looks great and nice job getting everything working with no problems. Hi-5 😄

You have a 27" 4k monitor, I'm looking forward to hearing about your gaming experience at 4k and SLI gtx 1080 FE.

If you have any questions about your new build please ask.