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(Scratchbuild) Red Carbon Desk Build

Hi everyone,After building my first desk build, I decided to make a new desk but then of STAINLESS STEEL.After quite a few desks to have viewed with as great example the l3p desk of Peter Brands, I have created a design.The desk is made with the help...

BAWLS - STH10, R5E, 5930K, Copper Tubing

Well, it is time again for another build and the CaseLabs Magnum STH10 case looks like a nice challenge. I have seen so many rave reviews of their products and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with one of these cases.The theme I decided to ...

My first major build

I have had a few build already. Mostly just upgrading this part or that part as money comes along. However this is the first time I had the money to go all out on a build. So I did. This is what I ended up with.PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdow...

A question on warranty for G752VT-DH72

Can an Asus staffer tell me if I void the warranty if I were to laser etch the lid(and if not, what precisely the lid is made out of reports say metal, but if I may, I'd like to know the composition).It would also be really nice if you could let me k...

ROG "Red Scorpion"

Welcome fellow ROG'ers...and Thanks for stopping in.I present to you "my best" build to-date.What is the reason for doing a new build?...Hmm...Well, isn't it the "same" for most everyone choosing to do a new build?You might answer with something alon...

Ntwlf by Level 12
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Blue Dimension workblog 2.0

BLUE DIMENSION 2.0como algunos sabeis este trabajo fue una decepcion para mi, el material era plastico acrilico y el vinilo fue bastante malo.pero queria hacer una update, y hacerlo con materiales de calidad y paciencia, y tenia mi rl puesta. Hardwar...

The cold breeze from the north

Hello fellow gamers, pc geeks, wannabees and ....whatever! All of you New meber, new rig old guy Just wantet to share my latest build and to become a member of Your finest forum to watch, learn and share common interests.Reason for this project was s...

My first build EVER!!

I've no knowledge of computer components, so if you read something wrong please tell me what i got wrong and what the correct thing is.Hi, I got a OLD Dimension 9150 My motherboard is:

Walkan's RIG

Buenas a todos amigos!Me estreno en el foro español presentando mi equipo que espero que os guste.Estos son las especificaciones del mismo:CASE: Corsair Obsidian Series 350DMOBO: Asus ROG Maximus V GENE CPU: Intel i7 3770K @ 4.0Ghz OCCPUr: Corsair Hy...

Walkan by Level 7
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