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ASUS Ryujin 360 LiveDash

Level 7
I recently got this cooler and I love how it looks in my rig but I have absolutely no idea how to use the OLED display properly. I have looked around the forums and downloaded the necessary things to get it running, AI Suite 3 and LiveDash. I can display temps and the default things but every time I try to put a GIF or JPG in, nothing happens and it is starting to get frustrating. I also have this USB device that says Ryujin (E:) with a file in it that says , δ■ÉMSDOS.5.0. If anyone can help me get this up and running with a GIF or JPG that would be greatly appreciated.

Level 7
I got the 240 one and I can't even find where to download the livedash app. Everytime I download it from the asus website I get a PDF file or it won't come up...I'm at a loss