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Aura Sync long gap inbetween lights - even on max speed

Level 7

I have the maximus xi formula, trident z rgb ram and asus ROG 30cm LED strips. On the sequence effects such as comet it goes from MB to RAM to Strips then nothing for 10 seconds (at max speed) before it starts again. If i have less than max speed its closer to 20 seconds. very annoying...

anyone know how to fix??

Quick clip of it

Level 8
Check under 'settings' in Aura and make sure each of your strips has the correct number of LEDs selected. If you're using 30cm strips with 15 LEDs, and the settings show they have 90, that's going to cause a fairly noticeable delay.

Ahhh i see. Good point that makes sense i do remember seeing something like 120 as the default and that sound way too much for a 30cm strip so may be the cause