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B360-H Gaming Motherboard

Just wondering if the ROG logo on the VRM on this board is set to static red and cannot be changed via Aura Sync or the bios?

GPU Tweak 2 Issue. 1.8.7, 2 PCs

Hi, had this issue with all 1.8.X versions so far and Im done.The software doesnt save any settings at all at any given time. When I close and reopen it all is gone. All settings. It also doesnt close as one unit evenw hen linked. it only closes one ...


Hello, I have an issue when I whant to install Aisuite 3 in my reseted computer.. when I launch .exe install, nothing happen. :(:( why i cant install Aisuite 3 ? Thank you from France.

B450-f linux audio drivers?

I'm currently troubleshooting some linux audio problems I'm having. I can't seem to find the issue, however one thing seems strange, the driver that is being loaded for SupremeFX is called "snd_hda_intel", which seems weird as from what I know Suprem...

Please help - what software to install?

I have the XI Code Motherboard with two addressable LED strips, Gladius II Origin and the Claymore Keyboard. When I added the keyboard and mouse the Armory software installed, and now it says remove Aura so I uninstalled that, but now can't control t...

Aura cannot find my motherboard?

I have this motherboard, but asus Aura cannot find my motherboard? is the version with the little RoG logo you can change the colour off? Can anyone help me? I have tried the beta and the la...

Aura - armoury - claymore, spatha & mobo

Hi,Just downloaded & installed the latest Armoury en Aura (removed the previous installations first). I want to sink 3 ROG items: Claymore, Spatha en Maximus IX moboArmoury sees keyboard - MouseAura sees: mobo - keyboardI was hoping to synchronize al...

Crasje by Level 12
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Does AI Suite 3 work with Zenith Extreme anymore?

My system is not overclocked. Tried with Bios 1402. Does AI Suite overclock and Fan Expert work anymore? Have the latest version? It simply does not overlock the system anymore. Upon the first reboot AI Suite does not come up to overclock. When I lau...