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AC Device Problem

Level 7

I am using M3 mouse and H3 wireless headset for gaming on my Win11 desktop. Until today all was working well. Today my computer updated AC to and when i try to access Device tab i am facing 2005 error after huge loading logo. And also when i accessed scenario tab i am seeing my mouse and headset are not connected. I also checked on Windows Device Manager both device are connected without any driver problem. 

I used AC Uninstaller and rolled back to previous version (lost all my settings) and everything started works normally but when my Windows Store app updated AC on background, all devices are gone too.

Could anyone have any idea about that problem. Thanks 🙂


Community Admin
Community Admin
A new issue reporting thread will be created in a few days. Please fill out a form then, thanks.
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Level 14

Me too.  I got a forced update from 5.4 to today and it's basically extremely broken for device management.  I can't manage my motherboard, motherboard fan hub, AIO, keyboard, mouse, or headset (all ROG components).  The devices are visible in the Aura Sync tab, so I can manage lighting, but nothing else.  The dashboard tab is also broken, all system stats (the frequency, temperature, usage, fan, voltage meter) are stuck on 0; it's not even showing the per-core frequency boxes.  The system is running normally other than this new AC version being completely broken.

I've uninstalled with the latest official AC uninstall tool (Version 2023/01/19), then installed with the latest install tool (Version 2023/04/11), but still completely broken for device management.

Crosshair VIII Extreme motherboard, all-ROG system, no RGB RAM.

Item                       Version     
----                       -------     
Armoury Crate UWP App     
ROG Live Service      
Aura Service (Lighting Service)  3.07.10     
Armoury Crate lite service  5.6.3       
Aura Wallpaper Service     Not installed
ASUS AURA Extension Card HAL    
ASUS Mouse HAL       
AacDisplay                 1.2.30      
ASUS FanCard HAL           1.1.2       
ASUS Keyboard HAL    
ASUS AIOFan HAL       
KingstonDram               1.1.18      
ASUS AURA Motherboard HAL     
ENE RGB HAL          
AURA DRAM Component        1.1.23      
Patriot Viper DRAM RGB     
PHISON HAL            
Patriot Viper M2 SSD RGB     
WD_BLACK AN1500      
Universal Holtek RGB DRAM     

Given this is so badly broken, preventing system and device management with no workaround, and there's no way for the end user to go back to 5.4; this should really be pulled from distribution until it's fixed.

Level 14

I don't know if it's the root cause or a symptom, but part of the problem seems to be that the Armoury Crate lite service (ArmouryCrate.Service.exe) keeps terminating unexpectedly.  Just restarting that service is insufficient to solve the problem, and it crashes frequently and repeatedly.