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Armory Create And Azoth Problem

Level 7

Hello, I am having a problem with Armory Crate. I can use the Armory Create program with my B550 e-f wifi2 Rog motherboard, 3070ti Rog graphics card, ROG Strix Arion device, all case fans, etc. without any problems. I bought a Rog Azoth keyboard. After installing the 2.4 receiver, all Armory create work broke.

I reinstalled it with the Uninstall tool and it didn't work. I reinstalled Windows twice and it still didn't work.When I do not install or install anything related to Azoth, all reinstallations work without any problems.But whenever I connect the Azoth keyboard to the PC, the Armory Crate update section opens blankly and the Azoth update now warning redirects me to that empty section. The Azoth keyboard and all my other devices in the Armory create My Devices section are constantly turning on and off.When I enter Aura Creator, it gives an error, of course, if I can enter it.

Is there a solution other than reinstalling Windows, deleting it with the Armoy Create uninstall tool and reinstalling it, because I have already done these twice. It is inconceivable that such a quality product could cause such software problems.


Level 7

I'm having the same problem. When I install Azoth, the Armory Create update section becomes a blank page, all other problems are the same for me.