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Asus b550-f Ryzen 5900x No Post

Level 7
Asus Strix B550-F (new from Newegg)
Ryzen 5900x (new from Newegg)
G Skill Trident Z F4-400018d-32GT Ram (new from Newegg)
Evga 1070 GPU (2 years Old)
Seasonic Platinum 1 1000W (10 years Old)
iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT Liquid CPU Cooler (new from Newegg)

No Post at Start up, Solid Orange DRAM light.

What I've done.

Flash Bios With No Ram CPU installed (Assume Successful)
Reset CMOS Battery out for 15mins
2 sticks of ram, 1 stick all 4 slot, no Ram
GPU in , No GPU ( did notice fans were not spinning when in)

I hope its not my new parts from Newegg
is it a power issue?

Any advice or help with this is much appreciated.

Level 7
Ryzen 9800x ??

Did you insert an Intel Core i7 9800x into an AMD B550 motherboard ?

or did you buy something else ?

I'm pretty sure there is no AMD 9800x CPU ...

Level 7
Sorry ryzen 9 5900x

Level 7
Was The PSU, picked one up and posted just fine!

Level 12
Are you putting the RAM in slots 2 & 4 from CPU ?
Have you hooked up the power near the CPU (top left of motherboard) ?
Any chance you overtightened your cooling solution (perhaps try 1/4 turn back on the screws) ?

Remove the CPU and inspect the pins. Make sure none are bent or missing.
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