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Asus ProArt X570 Wifi Freezing/BSOD

Level 9

I've got a Asus ProArt X570-Creator Wifi motherboard running a Ryzen Ryzen 9 5900X and 32GB RAM that has been running nearly perfect except for Windows 10 stupidity (sometimes Windows won't put the monitors to sleep at all, sometimes it does but they keep waking up and going to sleep, and just a reboot clears it up for a random period of time, usually a few weeks), but a week or so ago, it started randomly freezing and/or blue screening with a 'DPC_QUEUE_EXECUTION_TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED' error. Sometimes I get a BSOD with a minidump, sometimes/often it just plain freezes. There are no event in the system logs that offer any hints, I've analyzed several Minidumps, but they don't point to anything consistently or conclusively. Most of what I've found points the finger at driver or firmware issues, however, from the time this wasn't happening to the time it started there have been zero hardware/firmware changes. The only software change was I had VMWare Workstation 15 on it, and when I tried to start a VM, my machine BSOD'd. I upgraded it to VMWare Workstation 17 and that went away, but the freezing/BSOD started after this - could be a coincidence. I uninstalled VMWare workstation, and ran Windows updates, but the problem persists. So I loaded up a fresh install of Windows on a fresh SSD, and then with nothing but Windows, Windows updates & Brave installed, it froze again. I did another re-install, only installing windows updates and the AMD drivers for my Radeon RX6700 XT, and it still froze,  which now is suggesting that it may actually be hardware.

I've run MemTest86 several times and that came up clean. I bought more RAM and swapped it out (figured if it proved that my RAM was ok or if it proved that it was the problem and Crucial replaced it, either way, I'd have more RAM), but still froze. At this point, pretty much all that's left is the CPU or motherboard. Power supply is a Corsair HX1200, so not a no-name piece of trash. 

With no events in the event logs, and unless there's a hidden hardware log in the BIOS that I don't know of, with the BSOD error I've been getting, does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be causing this freezing/BSOD?


Level 9

At this point I can say the problem is for sure either the CPU or the motherboard - I threw in the towel because I need my system to be stable and bought a new AM5 board, CPU and DDR5 RAM, loaded a fresh new install onto the same SSD I was loading fresh on the ProArt board, the same 4TB SSD that was on the ProArt and the same power supply, and the new system has been solid. 

It 'could' be the CPU, but it seems more likely to be the motherboard. Does anyone have any ideas how to prove which part is causing the issue so I can contact the appropriate manufacturer (Asus or AMD)?