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Windows 10 Pro Randomly locks up

Level 7
As a content creator this is a super huge issue!

I'm on a fresh install of Windows, have the latest drivers from the forum and have been running mostly stable for a week now.

The lock ups around 30 minutes after a single session of running anything cpu intensive like adobe indesign and photoshop: Saving, exporting documents. Since content creation was the intention of doing with threadripper it would be nice if it worked 🙂

Are there any known fixes for the random lock ups?

Level 7
Do you have ASUS AI installed? If so uninstall it and disable HPET.

To disable HPET in Windows run the command as Admin... bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock


Is your RAM overclocked?

Had mine at 3444Mhz and got random lock ups. Went down a notch to 3200Mhz and lockups stopped.

Saturn7 wrote:
Is your RAM overclocked?

That would be my guess. Try mem at 2133 to see if you can reproduce the lock up. If not. Down clock your ram a notch but keep DOCP profile and target a lower clock.

Level 7
If you are overclocked, run at stock settings and see what happens. If you are at stock, your CPU might be getting too hot. Try turning SMT off and monitoring temps. Also make sure you have both CPU power connectors installed as well as the 4 pin molex at the bottom of the board.

Thanks for the responses, I didn't install the Asus AI suite after my last OS reinstall. The temps have been running between 32C and 46C depending on load.

All the power is connected, I'll try down clocking the memory tonight when I work again.
I'll report back any success or issues.