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ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha which tpm module?

Win 11 works out of the box with this board but toi avoid any tpm shuttering which Agesa solves (but not available TRX40 plattform).So i want to buy a tmp module but which version is the right?TPM-M: 90MC03W0-M0XBN1 TPM-SPI: 90MC07D0-M0XBN1Th...

Mappi75 by Level 8
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Enermax LiqTech 360 TR4 II on ZE

What is everyone's temp reported by Zenith Extreme on it's display for 2950X ThreadsRipper. I'm having constant 50+ degress C, while doing nothing (I mean, few browser windows open). Maybe I am wrong, but this is the temp -27 degress offset, so the ...

hardside by Level 7
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Zenith II Extreme Alpha not setting my tras.

I dialed in tRAS = tRCD(RD) + tRTP. (I could use that formula all the way down to 23 without issue.) tRCD is set to 15, and tRTP is set to 5. When I dialed in a tRAS or 20 the board sets it to 21. In the bios menu it's set to 20, but always shows 21 ...

ASUS Zenith Extreme WHEA 17 errors on Windows 11

My main PC has 1950X and my motherboard is the ASUS Zenith Extreme. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 11 as I liked the design more, even though it is an unsupported CPU. After I upgraded to Windows 11 everything seemed normal, every program I tried was...

LoPCY7 by Level 7
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Zenith II Extreme BIOS 1502 "Test CMOS" very long post

Hi,Anyone know what is going on?It's very sad to see that we can have problems with High End products like the ThreadRipper Series.I like my PC performance very much and I'm very happy with it, though.I just want to share that I do get a Code CPU Cod...

micboule by Level 8
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has anyone been able to post with ram at 3600 mhz

hie to all.i have been using my 1950x for a long time but i read that most of my issue could be becasue my ram is not fast enoughi bought a F4-3600C17Q-64GTZR when i got the threaripper becasue it was the ram you could see everywhere in all the test ...

masterac by Level 8
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