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iGPU & System Stability Issues

Level 8

Hi guys,

In the past few weeks I've managed to get my new rig up and running, however I'm seeing some very strange behaviour at the moment that I thought I'd share to see if anyone else has seen similar and / or has any bright ideas on what it could be! I essentially have two issues:

  • When using the iGPU: Windows refuses to launch applications, Explorer works to some degree but attempting to launch programs does absolutely nothing. I can't shut down or restart via the Start Memu / charms menu and I need to power the system off manually.
  • When using my RX590: The system locks up during gaming at seemingly random times. In Resident Evil 4 for example, I can play for an hour or two but eventually everything locks up and there's no way to interact with the PC, resulting in a hard reboot via the power button. Interestingly the physicsl restart button DOES work in this scenario and I can still hear the game outputting audio (might be looping but doesn't sound like it). I've got a bunch of Corsair iCue Link fans and the H100i AIO and all the lights (including on the RAM) lock up at whatever point in the lighting cycle they were at during the crash). The physical restart button doesn't even respond to input!

I have managed to identify that the iGPU is to blame in at least some part, as disabling it resolves the first problem (which would also occur when using the RX590 when the iGPU is enabled). I've tried reinstalling Windows (both 10 and 11), memory checks, reverting BIOS settings (which is on the latest revision), ensuring Windows is up to date, checking temps which are all looking good and GPU drivers are the latest. My PC specs are:

  • B650e-i Gaming WiFi
  • 7800x3d
  • 32GB Corsair DOMINATOR Titanium.
  • RX 590 (replacing this soon, just a stop gap to the new GPU!)
  • Corsair HX1000i PSU
  • Samsung 990 Pro 1TB

As a side note, there are zero errors in Event Viewer that seemingly relate to this happening and the Windows Reliability check only reports the unexpected reboot that occured. It's blowing my mind as to what the cause is, so any help or ideas would be super appreciated!




Level 8

Update: turns out that without the RX590 in, applications launch fine when using the's as if they are in conflict somehow?