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Memory Interleaving / NUMA Node Setting on 2202 (Zenith Extreme Alpha)

Level 7
In the 2202 ZEA firmware, the Memory Interleaving option in the Zen DF options is ignored on the first boot when using a TR1950X. This did not happen on the 2101 firmware.

If the system is turned on cold, the setting is ignored - resulting in a single memory pool/no NUMA control.

If you warm restart the system, the setting is applied as expected.

Although I am using Debian GNU/Linux, this should affect Windows workstation loads as well as that's a firmware-set configuration. I have another ZEA system with a TR2990WX in it; that system is not affected by this.

I've dropped back to 2101 for the time being. Anyone else encountered this? Or is there a process to report bugs in firmware?