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Status of 128GB memory support/speeds on latest BIOSes

Level 11

Mobo:  x670e Crosshair Extreme, BIOS 1807

So I've been stuck on 3600 speed on my 4x32GB Corsair memory since BIOS 0705.  I haven't bothered to test it since and just accepted the claim that 3600 is the best you can do with that much memory, but it's been over a year now and wondering if more recent BIOSes make trying to increase the speed at all worth a shot.  For the record my sticks are rated at EXPO 5200.  Also, if I were to try, say, 4400 or 4800, is it just a matter of setting that speed in the BIOS and it would set appropriate timings for it, or would I be forced to have to configure timings and voltages myself to have any shot at it?  Any advice would be appreciated.