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lost rgb functions (all) strix (E)

hello, All the sudden after about a month or so of working just fine i noticed all my leds were off. Both an added stip and of-coarse the on board leds. The only thing i can get is a quick flash across the strix onboard led when i flip my power supp...

jrok96 by Level 7
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Recommend some Overclock settings 8700K

Hi Guys,I recently built an 8700K, Maximus Hero system.The rest of the system has 32Gb Trident Z RGB 8x4 3200mhz 16-18-18-38Corsair H115i Pro rgb, Corsair Carbide Air 540.I have really only played with AI Suite auto tune but would like to dial in a b...

kahless by Level 7
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Hero X M.2 heat shield

On the Hero you have 2 M.2 connections available and the top one has a shield. Now can that shield be put on the bottom M.2 slot ? It will be used on a 960 EVO M.2 driveI have a Aorus 1080ti and it gets bit to hot for my liking and the backplate is h...

will_s by Level 7
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Hey,I've updated to the latest BIOS and all that, done most of the tweaks I can think of (pl1 & pl2 to 4095, current limit 255 etc.), but I'm having problems with my board regarding LLC-levels 6 and 7 specifically. I find stability for my overclock w...

Kale007 by Level 7
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Maximus X and NZXT Kracken x61 Issues

Hi All.Happy New YearI've just built a new system to replace my trusty 4 year old Rampage IV Formula 3930kEverything has gone well and the system is flying but my Kraken X61 is causing me some issues.I can't get the CPU fans to spin up to full speed ...

Purchased Maximus X Formula ASUS Software Question

Hello All, I will be receiving a Maximus X Formula and was wondering what ASUS software was required for the motherboard?I saw that AI Suite, Aura, and Live Dash were all required for Live dash to function. Is Fan Expert 4 also required, or is it bu...

Jsunn by Level 7
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Maximus x code Release/Availability

I know this has been asked/posted somwhere around these forums, and the roadmap shows Nov release. But alas November is here, and the last piece of my build, the x code is still just that missing. Anyone including Asus has any news on when this board...

Max X Hero - NIC Stops Working

Hey Folks,Bit of an odd one here, i can't figure it out and i'm halfway to RMA'ing the motherboard but hope it's a software issue..basically, i will start mining with my computer and let it run while I sleep (it's my gaming rig) and at random points ...

BlakeVA by Level 7
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