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Maximus X hero WiFi - G.Skill 3200 2x8GB not clocking to 3200

I'm new to overclocking & tweaking but I've done a few days worth of reading and trying others' settings and/or trying my own. I'm having no luck or I'm not donig this right.Bios 05058700k1080 ti3200 16gb ram 2x8gbI get a "bios has posted in safe mo...

MixMike by Level 7
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Is this a stable oc setting for my 8700k maximus x?

First time builder first time to OC. These are my settings, I pretty much followed a guide video and then just started lowering voltage incrementally. Runs stable on OCCT for 1 hour. Temps dont go above 70c.First, specs: 8700k - 4.9ghz @ 1.3vram: 3...

BIOS 0606 Freezing games / or when installing software

Hello,I seriously wish to complain with latest BIOS released for Strix z370-I. I have updated BIOS yesterday and updated the drivers on the page, and now when installing/removing software, the system freezes for a couple of minutes. I cannot play gam...

s4nt0s by Level 7
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Not hitting max Turbo 8700k

Hi people would like to know if this is a Motherboard or CPU issue so i can either send either of them for an RMA. Sync all cores can be set to 50, 51, 52 doesn't matter and the most it will hit in windows is 4904MHz. Using any benchamarking tools. I...

Spectre/Meltdown bios/UEFI update system freezes

I'm getting random a system freezes after the latest Spectre/Meltdown bios + Windows update.As the Windows update is not known to cause freezes for Intel processors I believe this might be because of the update to the BIOS/UEFI update.Is anyone else ...

5.1 sound system problem, help me

hello i connected my 5.1 system to maximus x hero, done configuration in sound options in controll panel, every speaker was producing sound on test, but when i play any sound, only front 2 speakers work and bass, rear speakers and middle one, dont do...

Weird Problem BIOS on Hero X with gfx Evga 1080 ti FW3

ok hard to explain but ill try here goes..Just got a new evga 1080 ti fw3, works fine but when i enter bios and change a setting where the computer shuts down cold and turns on EG. voltage change and so onThe computer dont turn on, motherboard leds b...

Does Z370-I support surround sound over S/PDIF optical?

It is a bit unclear when I look at the specs for the Z370-I if they have multi channel support for this motherboard over the optical output? What about Dolby/DTS-support?I'm asking because I can't get my Steelseries Wireless H headset setup with mult...

Bokai by Level 7
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IS Asus Z370 still support U.2 SSD?

I got a Intel 750 U.2 ver and use it on my old X99 strix very nice.And i build a new Z370 platform using a Z370 Code and found that Asus Z370 DO NOT have any U.2 port.and i try to use a Hyper Kit M.2 to U.2 adaptor on the Code, and found that there a...