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Compare the RVE to...

Level 11
Current RVE owners: compare your Rampage V Extreme to other platforms, such as the RIVE and RIVE Black Edition, and perhaps Z77, Z87 and Z97 systems.

For example, for my personal system I am using a Maximus V Formula (Z77) with a GTX 670 (soon to have two GTX680s) for mild overclocking and moderate gaming (BF4, Borderlands, etc.) and I am wondering how much of a leap it would be to go to the MVE. I love massive overkill, so I think the MVE would keep me entertained for a long time.

As a side note, I do hardware reviews for a website, and I have access to a RIVE BE that was reviewed earlier this year and a RVE which is being reviewed currently and I can get either of them for a significant discount. But no matter how much I save on the motherboard, I will still have to purchase a new CPU (and DDR4 memory for the MVE).

Your thoughts?
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