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GL series/GL553VD carriage at frost/low temperatures

Level 9
Hi everyone!
Due to coming frost, what is minimal permissible transporting/storage temperature? Notebooks' manual only points that there is minimal operation temperature = 5°C. Or if minimal permissible transporting temperature is same as minimal operation temperature?
I've recently found, that low temperatures may have negative impact on notebook. Namely cold can damage battery and LCD panel, and precocious (≤ 45 min average) turning on after long time on frost can cause condensate to appear and damage wiring. Is this actual yet? I spent 30-40min outside on my way to the college, so I am a bit worried about my laptop safety during the impending cold. I use backpack with special compartment and case, but is this enough?
How do you (if you do) transport your laptop during winter?

Looking forward for your responses.