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How do you manage the hot temperature on G14?

Level 7

I recently bought the G14 2023 model with Ryzen 9 7940HS with 512 SSD and 16 GB Ram, RTX 4060. I ordered this one and an Asus Tuf A15. I wanted to try both and see which one is better. The Tuf A15 will come late. I'm only testing the G14 now. Overall, I like the G14, the display is great and love it. However, it gets very hot when I tried playing Fifa on it. I know there are some tips posted by others to tweak some settings but I wanna first know if it's okay for laptops to get this hot? Mine showed temperature of 96C° usually, but the bottom middle part was so hot that it was hard to even touch it. I wonder if it's going to affect the laptop in long term or is it normal? Should I just get the Tuf A15 because it has bigger chassis and bigger screen or would it get his get too? The fan gets really loud too. I never had a gaming laptop before so I'm not sure if this is how all gaming laptops are or not. I love this laptop's display and portability but I can give up on portability if Asus Tuf A15 has better cooling system? Here's the link of the Tuf A15