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Wondering about Asmedia...

Level 7
I noticed Asmedia 106 Raid I was able to install it successfully yet there's no need to activate it but then I tried to install 2 Hitachi HDD's and 1 Seagate 2.5 SSHD and basically it keeps crashing... I even enable BIOS from AHCI to Raid enabled... and yet it's still crashes lol...

Only way to make PC stable is to remove the other 2 HDD's and disable the Raid or switching RAID to AHCI to make PC run again... lol
ASUS Entheustic <3r MOBO RIG: First RIG first custom built myself...
Antec Darkfleet-80 (Antec said it's a new Full Tower ATX.. and also said copied from other ATX..) / Rampage 4 Extreme / Intel i7-3820 (hope to upgrade to i7-3960X but cannot afford on budget atm...) / EVGA 560 Ti OC 256-bit 1GB 4-way SLI Kingston XMP 8 GB 2400 mhz DDR3 / Cool Masters 1000w PSU / Phantek European design Heatsink for LGA 2011 /ASUS Blu-ray Drive / Seagate SSHD 500GB Momentus XT Win 7 64-bit Ultimate / AutoCad2000