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Windows 10 or 11 on the Rog STrix Z790?

Level 8

Just wondering what advice anyone might have on this? I've been researching as much as I can find and coming up with mixed results.

Which OS will work better for the ROG Srix Z790-E? Win 10 or W11? My main use is gaming.
I've read that some people have driver issues with Windows 10, but most of the posts are at least a year old. I'm curious if the latest W10 and bios updates may have fixed the driver issues?

I like Windows 10 and only messed with w11 a tiny bit on a friend;s laptop. At first impression - I don't really like it but it wasn't my computer so I couldn't tweak anything. And like any new OS, it takes time to learn it. If I can tweak it like we can with 10, then I maybe I'll be OK with 11.

I'll use W11 if I have to, but can I stick with 10? Or am I looking at headaches trying to make it work? I realize these newer boards are pretty much set up for 11. I also read somewhere that support for 10 is going to end in 2025? So maybe that alone answers my own question. Why install a dying system, etc.

And where have you guys (and gals) been buying your Windows 11? I found many 'too good to be true' web sites that I quickly ignored. Buying a key for $20 is an obvious scam. Some say their keys worked, but I'll err on the side of caution. The last thing I want is my OS being deactivated. I don't mind paying what Amazon or NewEgg wants for an OEM key. I never used the Microsoft tech support, so no point in buying a full retail key and my new build is the only one capable of running 11, so I don't need to move it to another PC.

And ROFL... Amazon and some other places offer the Win 11 Home on CD/DVD! In today's world the CD ROM drive is all but extinct. Way to go Microsoft! Did any of your sales team notice this little blunder? 🙂  I'll probably get the download or USB version. I have a DVD ROM, but the download or USB is so much easier.











From Alderlake on (Intel 12th gen cpu's), these cpu's have power cores and efficiency cores. Although you can use windows 10, windows 11 can make better use of the efficiency cores.

I got my copy of windows 10 at best buy, then did the free upgrade to windows 11 when it was released. If you have to purchase a product key, make sure it has online activation.


Level 9

I would recommend Windows 11 just by the reason as described by Nate152. Windows 10 doesn't get any more feature updates or enhancements like Windows 11 gets. This means it can go bad or for the better, but I guess eventually the development of Windows 11 will  get you a more modern and feature rich operating system.
I'd say, modern hardware 'requires' an even companion modern OS. Windows 11 is that OS that is current and gets feature updates unlike Windows 10. Like the enhanced scheduler there could be more under the hood that gets performance enhancement due the combination of modern hardware / enhanced drivers / and a more mature OS. So this 'semi feeling' justifies me again to advise for Windows 11.