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asus rog strix scar 18 2023 definitive answer for memory upgrade

Level 7

so i read pretty much every one has issues when changing memory to 2x32 ddr5 5600. with 13 gen intel it will run max 5200 as it is apparently limitation of the CPU. if you want 5600 u have to get 2x16 ddr5 or 2x8 ddr5. thas given. what struck me is the laptop stuck in training sequence forever. the solution is simple. just to do bios reset then get into bios load defaults save and u good to go. its pretty much same issue with BIOS upgrades through windows update. it get stuck and reset bios load defaults save helps. i was wondering why this is happening so i tried this. before installing new memory or before BIOS update i entered BIOS and load default. [or if u know where i am going - remove your undervolt offset] once the offset is disabled all these BIOS upgrades or memory changes stop causing loop and laptop boot pretty much immediately. i hope this help someone