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Wished to purchase a mobo - an opinion, a complaint, a cry for help?

Level 7
To whom it may concern.

It is hoped this post is in the correct section - apologies if it is not.

Where to start? Not really sure, but perhaps with a bit of a background information.

Background information
I am an middle age person who wishes to build his own computer - noted that this has nothing to do with ASUS
the reason that I tell you this, is because I have been around computers and parts for about 20 years, so I am not a stranger.

As a rule I usually just pay someone to build the pc i buy parts for - usually the shop i purchase from - because if something goes wrong, I do not have to return parts with DOA, and dont have to worry about warranty issues and mem tests etc

current situation
it was finally decided that I would like to put together a PC on my own.

when researching parts, I finally boiled down all my options to the "asus rog maxiumus 11 extreme" mother board with 1151 socket for the mobo.

when I finally go to purchase the part - all the computer shops say they cannot get it - it is discontinued.

cry for help

thought 1
alot of research was done on this particular board, which meant alot of time effort and energy involved.

thoughts 2
does anyone know why ASUS has stopped shipping this board?
does anyone know why ASUS still has it on their website - if its discontinued?
does anyone know why ASUS would stop making a mother board - when socket 1151 cpu are still very heavily available?
does anyone know of anyway i can get these boards? please do not mention amazon or ebay....i would like to buy from a computer shop...

thought 3
It could be argued that i could just buy the Maximus 12...
one of the major things that really bite me hard is that the Maximus 11was about $800 and the new Maximus 12 is $1600....

for the price of the 12, i could buy 2 Maximus 11...

i was hoping that the price of the 11 could stay or come down when the 12 was released, but they stopped making it

and how on earth can ASUS justify $1600 for a Maximus 12 when the last one was $800! - it feels like just a cash grab, and it makes me resentful
as a long term customer of asus - yes all arguments about "quality components" are already taken into consideration...

thought 4
in my research about the socket 2066 (to which i cannot afford, and do not want) - there are rumors, which are about 1 year old, that the 2066 has alot of issues
but this may be resolved now - any feedback?

thought 5
yes i have already contacted the phone line on asus, who didn't want to take the call and forced me to use a contact form on the asus website, which has
not answered....

thanks for reading and replies if any....

i will check and hopefully reply at least once every 24 hours.

Level 14
tried this feature on this site?
the comparison of the boards?
the "extreeme" is mainly geared towards overclockers and have features for LNG ( liquid nitrogen ) and things like that.
the lower tieared borards is more aimed for normal OC entusiast's and gamers in tought.

Level 14
as long as the GPU manufacturers have not implemented the PCIE 4.0 i guess why should they add it to their motherboards?
look at AMD, they had it on some of the lineups ( motherboard manufacturers ) and they implemented a bios update to disable it in the end. (google it )
what do you need that amount of ram for?
VM machines? if so you need a realy expensive CPU with loads of cores to run VM machines to share all of that memory.
the 2066 socket is a few years old now, and who knows when the next one will come out.
is it purly for gaming? go for a LGA1200 socket, or maby wait for the new lineup that MAY be around the corner (dont ask me when its coming ).

you did not state what you are going to use the system for in your OP.
so for my part its guessing.

Morning KKN

Thank you for taking the time to reply.....

"Why should they add it to their motherboards?"

I sat for a while to think about that question, and I came up with the following answer.

As a customer - purchasing hardware components - i like to take into considerations "features" vs "budget" vs "lifespan" of each part...

if I am going to purchase an $800 component, I would like to ensure that the component is going to last as long as possible (my current board is about 10 years old, x79 chipset ) and i paid a hefty price for that to ensure it works for that length of time....and its features has lasted me for that duration of time....

now if i am purchasing a new motherboard, and PCIE 4.0 is abundant enough in discussion threads, then its a feature that should be considered when purchasing, because i do not plan on purchasing another mobo for another 6-8 years....because when you think about it, it nearly a $6000 investment - which works out to be $1000 a year rent! (if the board works for the 6 years...if you look after it....)


yes i will have to research that, because if amd implemented pcie 4.0 and then disabled it in a bios update - that indicates to me, through logic, that either 2 things are happening.....

1.) the specifications and thus implementations are wrong and needs to be seriously fixed
2.) the manufacturers are deliberately holding back the technology for some is throttling the technology release?...


the reason why I need that ram is for video rending in after effects, and scrubbing through footage...
also multi tasking with photoshop, and web development as well as database handling....

i do not like VMs, personally, as a web developer, i find them unnecessary....


that sir is exactly the answer i was looking for ....the 2066 socket it old...and i cannot find any information on the when the next one will come out.......and its the only board(rampage), that i can find that does support 256 ram in the rog line up....

gaming is apart of the the machines specs but not with the normal install....

.....the primary role of the machine will be the following:

a modular based computer for both gaming and business

the computer will be split into 2 designed based on the drives inserted - this will be determined based on swappable drive bays..

on the business drive it will be or have the following...

Adobe suite - Photoshop, after effects, media encoder, CAD - heavy weight
web development - postgresql, php, multiple browsers (ff, ie, opera ) - medium weight
usual software, email, word processing, firewall, virus protection, vlc etc - light weight

on the game drive

steam and all games
origin and all games

game recording, obs , streaming, all the fun things computers were meant to be.....


from what I can tell, everything is telling me to wait for a while until the next version of the x299 - BUT on the other hand logic is telling me, all the bugs and problems in the x299 have been fixed since it is a few years old...and that is better long term....

do you know anyone that uses an x299? and if so what is their experience with it? specifically the rampage 6....because all the videos i have found on youtube - are from 2017/18 and they say "STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLATFORM!" but with a little more subtlety.

thanks in advance for reading...

oh other thing, just for the purpose of ranting and you can ignore sick to death of intel changing sockets every couple of years...fed up with it....

make one socket that fits all CPU's

from my very limited understanding of AMD - they have done this - why cant intel

(for the sake of simplicity, i understand that sometimes technology will need a change...but not every few years like what intel is doing)

HeroClass wrote:
oh other thing, just for the purpose of ranting and you can ignore sick to death of intel changing sockets every couple of years...fed up with it....

make one socket that fits all CPU's

from my very limited understanding of AMD - they have done this - why cant intel

(for the sake of simplicity, i understand that sometimes technology will need a change...but not every few years like what intel is doing)

AMD have the same socket for x years and just does cpu refresh until a new cpu gen comes out and then *poff* new socket.
menny refresh cpu's do not support the previous motherboard of the same cpu. (if you understand where i am going here? )

rendering i would go for menny cores and 64gig to 128gig ram and maby some fast driver? ( with backup IDE drive/drives for auto backup of data for not loosing data? ).
cores will help you when rendering ( as you would know and by experience i guess? )
google a little on the programs you use about the pluss and negative when it comes to AMD and INTEL for the recommended arcitect to go for.

for the amount of ram you gona put in there you could create a ram disk ( make ??% of the ram as a virtual drive ), but i do not know how to do so.

Morning KKN

Thank you for replying...

i am not sure if you noticed, but i did another reply on the end of the previous page....i just added a rant post after it - because of X reason...

yes i do understand about the socket and refresh of it - its good to know that AMD is doing the same as intel....

...the setup i am thinking of having is a m.2 as a scratch disk/work disk with a samsung t7 as the long term drive

yes i have heard of ram disk but would not use it - an m.2 is fast enough for my needs...

2020-09-09 checked thread...

Level 14
try and drop the rampage and go for one of the other and cheaper boards on the 2066 line up from asus ( or what ever vendor you would go for ).
the rampage it like €1000 ( more or less ) and for example the ASUS ROG X299-E GAMING II, Socket-2066 is around €500 ish price.
remember the highest prised of the ROG products is more aimed at overclockers and LNG options.
you can even go for the ASUS WS C422 PRO/SE or ASUS TUF X299 MARK 2, witch cost's like 1/3 of the rampage board.
or if you would want ram galore you could go for ASUS PRO WS C422-ACE witch have suport for 512gig of ram, witch is more in the work station type of motherboard.

and meh to that link of yours, personaly my experience with external drives are not good TBH.
had a few external ssd drives die on me with in a short time with out warning.

Morning KKN

Thank you for replying.

Yes I might take your advice. Simply because I actually do not like overclocking - in fact i do my best to advise people not to - because from what I have researched, over clocked parts usually last half their life span - and if you are someone like me - i wish my parts to last as long as possible to make the most value for my dollars..

the other issue is seeing if suppliers can get the work station boards - usually suppliers in sydney mumble and grumble about getting unusual boards in ...

i was looking at the WS X299 Pro/SE - do you know if the SE means second edition?

my problem with the work station boards, is from my experience, updates to these types of boards are slow from asus - and the on board components like sound are not as good as the rog boards....they seem to get alot more updates

from the comparison on the website - the c422 vs x299

not to mention - i have NEVER hears of the c422 chipset - i will have to go research it now.....

and if it is one thing a that i have learned about IT - its is to NEVER go with technology that is not widely used.....

i have been burnt so many times with technology that way and lost a lot of cash doing it....

the thought of 512 gb of ram makes me blush though - in fact, i had difficulty finding ram for 256 ( ( 32 gb x 2 in a pack) x 4 packs )

so while it is tempting, where on earth do i find the parts ....

i love external drives - specifically the samsung ones - very expensive but they do work...

as with all hard drives - NEVER TRUST THEM - ever - always have at least 22 backup copies(7 days, 1 for each month(12), 1 yearly, 1 external backup(monthly), 1 portable) - ALWAYS

i have had some very hard lessons....with that....and you learn very quickly....

also i just received a nasty access denied error message from the forum.....
i tried posting this about 12 hours ago but i keep receiving an error message

Level 14
the C422 is xeon processors only if im not mistaken ( pulled from a site -> Xeon W processors )
the SE could mean second edition, they could have changed some parts on it from all i know.
and the errors are normal on here, happens to me too.
you have a "cool down" time between post's at times if you post too quicly between reply's.
workstation boards = workstation boards witch lacks things that non work station boards do have.
i do not know how long lifespan the x299 system have left, i bought a x99 back when the 6xxx series cpu's came out.
and at that time the x299 just came out after i got mine.
you can even get a 8core i7 on the LGA1200 socket boards that is out witch are cheaper then the 2066 socket.
or you can even get a 10 core on the i9 on the 1200 socket.

but in the end its all up to you and what you choose and for the use you need it for.