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Factory not working laptop.

Level 7

I want to discusses my issue with you guys. I am Greek and working as engineer offshore. About a month ago I ask from my brother to buy an Asus ROG GL702vs for me and take the invoice to his company, this way I could avoid an amount of taxes, this is how the system in Greece works and it is completely legal. So my brother bought the laptop for me took it in my parents house.I ask from my parents to put the box with the laptop in my childhood room and let it there. After a month , at 21.12.18 I return from Africa, where is was working, to Greece for Christmas. So the day after at 22 I break the seal, unpack the laptop and try to start it, but never started. It have the problem with the black screen, some of you may know what I mean.
After that I contact the service in Greece and ask for replacement and they told me that they can not replace the laptop cause the invoice issued one month ago. The replacement period is within 7 days since the date of purchase Even if I can approve that I return to Greece at 21 of December I can not approve that someone else didn't open the laptop before I do so I completely understand that the service is not going to replace it. On the other hand I know that I bought a factory broken laptop and that makes me feel had.
Any one have similar problem ? Do you believe that there is a reason to lose my trust to Asus? Do you think that the technician can realize that the laptop was factory broken and never started since the beginning?
Please tell me your opinion.


Level 13
Their hands are tied. It doesn’t matter if you take it back with the seal intact.*
Whenever buying anything new I always check the return policy of where I am buying from and always make sure it works before the return window is up. Unfortunately it looks like your only option is RMA but before jumping off the cliff try a few things
Charge it overnight
Then hold down the power button until you see it light up and keep holding until it goes off again. Leave it rest a minute or two then try a normal power up. *

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