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b560-i rog Resizable Bar performance issue with 6800XT

Level 7
Hello all and I hope this topic can be also noted by support team (although I've submitted one ticket already).
I'm running b560-i rog board with 11700 (non-k) and noticed a strange issue with Resizable bar that is either amd driver related, or mobo (bios?) realted. I'm inclined towards latter as it's reproducible and is resizable bar directly related.

The issue:
I didn't try many games far, but let's begin with RDR2. Whenever I used to run game with Vulkan, I had strange gpu utilization drops, and thus fps drops in a number of the same locations, that weren't present if I switch to DX12. Out of interest after trying all the various drivers I switched ReBar off and to my surprise there were no drops in usage anymore. I then reloaded bios and switched ReBar back and fired RDR2 back. To my surprise after switching ReBar off and then back on - those drops weren't present this time either. Weirdly enough after I shot my system down and loaded up the game the next day - the drops were back. Turning Rebar off - no drops, then on again - no drops either. For whatever reason when the system is turned off until next use - it's like ReBar stops working correctly resulting in these gpu usage drops. I've checked if that could be fast boot or Windows fast startup related and turned both off - didn't fix the issue. More so, I did a clean WIndows reinstall and made sure all drivers are up to date, including the latest bios (tried on both 0503 and 0801 available recently). Again, didn't solve the problem.

Another game I tried that also acted weird was World War Z where strangely enough Vulkan seemed to work all right, but DX11 was atrocious with ReBar, until I disabled it and/or re-enabled it of course. Which is why it again leads me to beleive it's something more mobo related, considering swithching option off then restarting and on works, but screws itself up after shutdown upon next start.

I don't see many b560 users and topics around, especially with amd card (which I bloody hate anyway), but wonder if anyone could have any suggestion or share experience? Very strange.