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Asus Z97 Gryphon does not start

Hello,I recovered an Asus z97 Gyphon Armor Edition.I installed my old I5 4690k on it with Gskill DDR3 1600 4Gb and a ventillo on the cpu pin The problem is that the CPU_OV led (stays on), the power supply starts 3s then goes out (in loop)No access to...

Courtax by Level 7
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Maximus xii formula cpu core throttling

I have a I9-10850K in this board not OC'd. The CPU Ratio amongst all cores throttles equally instead per core. Is there something I am missing in the bios? My prior build with an I9-9900K would throttle per core in my Z390 board.

mwr1203 by Level 8
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Problem with RGB header

Hello everyone!I have got an ASUS Z370-A Prime and I have connected a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240 RGB to the RGB header. Everything was working normally. Some days ago, I realized the the blue colour has stopped working. Only red and green were w...

B550-I Gaming won't boot on 4k display

Curious if anyone else has had issues booting on a 4k display with the new Ryzen series CPUs on a B550-I Gaming MB. To get around the issue, I have to boot with a 1080p display and then I can switch to the 4k TV and everything works great. I recently...

rbell85 by Level 7
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ROG X570Gaming E Memory

Hello although not on the QVL list, according to the memory configurator on Crucial's website there 2x16gb C16 memory is compatabile with the Gaming E board.Gskill x16gb C17 is on the QVL list, can anyone advise which would be best for a new build wi...

ade489 by Level 7
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Strix B550-F Mystery headers

OK, so what is the mystery header on the Strix B550-F? It's the small 9 pin header (actually 14 but with 5 pins removed) which is located next to the CHA_FAN1, AIO_Pump and bios chip? The pinout is arranged like a USB port, but the pins are too small...

Maximus VII Hero SSD Install Problem

Ok installing my 6th HD, already gotta 250GB OS drive, 3TB platter deep storage, 2 SSDs, and a M2 SSD. Had to enable M2 mode for the M2 SSD. Which states:PCIeX4_3 slot runs at X2 mode for M.2 connector support. PCIeX1_1~3 are disabledThe other 2 opt...

MeatEtr by Level 7
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Asus X570 Tuf Pro Bios Resolution

Forgive me if this has been answered in another post. I just finished my new 5900x build with the Asus X570 Tuf Pro. The bios resolution is really low (1024x768) The post logo is in my native resolution of 2560x1440. I know older UEFI bios had re...

Daedra by Level 7
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