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Asus TurboV Core for the Maximus XI Extreme

Asus TurboV Core for the Maximus XI ExtremeHelloi bought this expensive motherboard, but i dont found the "Asus TurboV Core" software who help under windows to overclock easly without the big asus suite.is a new version for this motherboard ? if no i...

Fraizer by Level 9
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[Z390-F Gaming] "Above 4G decoding" kills wake up from sleep

Hi folks,This post is a conclusion of a loooong search for the culprit why my Windows 10 system will not resume from sleep mode successfully .In short; the system would go to sleep and "turn on" when tried to be woken up but never got to a working st...

Maximus X A2 code with black screen NO post

Woved system to other room and started gettin code 99 with no post. Asus RMAed board and sent a new board and that one gave A2 code so they RMAed again and the third time same A2 code with no post. I have been using asus products for about 20 yrs and...

Nad99 by Level 7
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Z390-F CPU errors at default RAM speed (XMP disabled)

Hi,I started getting random BSOD's and freezing on my Z390-F board. The mini dumps weren't telling a useful story because each of them was triggered by something else. I then did all kind of tests and it seems to be a problem with running the RAM at ...

M.2_2 slot slower, NVMe Config greyed out in UEFI

Hello everyone! I have a strange issue with my Prime Z-390A mobo. I had 1 NVMe SSD in slot M.2_1 and recently added two Samsung 970 Evo Plus nvme drives. I placed one in the PCIe x16_3 slot (via an adapter card) and it runs at full 3500 mb/s. The ot...

I cant get the boot menu

I have a built pc with a Maximus X Hero motherboard. In one drive (Samsung 970), I have Windows installed, in the other disk, I have Fedora (m.2 Samsung 960). I can change the boot priority in the bios, but I cannot get the boot menu for selecting wh...

Maximus Hero X and Intel Core i9 9900KF

Ok, anyone have any problems with updating the CPU to Intel Gen 9 ? I have updated the BIOS to the latest and it says that the 9900 will work in the Z370 motherboards but just want to see if anyone has had problems with this?Also do you lose anythin...

will_s by Level 7
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Maximus Tweak

Hi, Can someone please explain what these settings do.Thanks in advance.

no1yak by Level 8
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Asus Maximus Hero X and windows 11

This Asus page https://www.asus.com/microsite/motherboard/ASUS-motherboards-Win11-ready/ is reporting Asus Maximus Hero x bios still Under Testing.is the 2701 released few days ago a beta?!?