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Assistance needed with GU603ZW Laptop issues

Level 7
Hi Everyone

I purchased a ROG Zephyrus M16 (2022) - GU603ZW from best buy for work. I bought it even though it had two big issue because the specs were great and the pricing was good. The big issue was windows 11 home. I have programs that are not cert'd for Win 11 and and therefore i had to downgrade to win 10 pro for the office.

First issue - is there anyway for activation overriding the digital license attached to the laptop without going through the windows store. I really don't want to give microsoft that much more cash. I tried using an upgrade product key (to move to win 10 pro from home), it upgraded to pro, but did not activitate. I get the error message that it can't overcome the digital license attached to the laptop and to see the store. Is it a huge deal, no of course not. If i have to pay up mr. softee, then so be it, Would be nice not to though.

Second issue - two devices are showing not having proper drivers in the device manager after installing the win10 device drivers from the website. First is the USB controller - which appears to be for the Gen 2 USB. Second is a generic Base system Device (PCI bus 0, device 8, function 0). Let me know if you need a full copy of the instance path.

Obviously second issue resolution more important than first.

Thanks much for any assistance