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ASUS Prime X299 A II with No Display

Level 7

My PC doesn’t go into POST and no display. Power is going to the board, all fans are running, cpu cooling unit with fan is on, lights and rgb are on. If I reset the CMOS, I can get into the BIOS but when I save and restart the system, it goes back to a black display. I disconnected all devices connected to pc, replaced and moved video card another pci 16 slot, reseated memory, took out memory and added one at time, took out the m2 Ssd drives, swapped them, checked all cables and monitors and still get no display. And I noticed that the qLED had a code of E1. Also, the thermal paste was gritty and dusty and not paste anymore. I wanted to know if anyone thinks that this is a CPU or motherboard issue? 
Thanks for your help in advanced.