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Doesn't respect BIOS setting APM Config

Level 7


Lately I have been having brief few seconds or minutes power outages in my street. My problem is that my computer is completely turned off and connect through a 900W voltage regulator.

Sometimes at night, the power fan go out for a few seconds, which has the consequence of having my computer turning on by itself automatically after power is restored. I've had morning walking into my computer room to find it hot and my computer turned on by itself,  displaying the Win11 login screen for hours...

The only setting i could find in the bios is under APM config/Restore AC Power Loss and it is set to power off !! Which clearly doesn't work!

As a test I tried all settings (power on,last state) and simulating a 3 sec power loss by switching the psu off and immediately back on again.

Computer will instantly turn on !

Still same behavior ! I am completely lost as to what to do to make my pc stay off in such situations. Especially since I sometimes leave home for days for work.

What else could be causing this behavior, I am totally confused.


X670E Prime Pro Wifi motherboard latest BIOS available (2413x64)

Ryzen 7 7800X3D

PSU is a brand new XPG 750 GOLD


Level 7

Just can't seems to fin any answer online.


Hello LittleTale

Try this.

1) Right click on the windows Start button.

2) Click System.

3) Click Advanced System settings.

4) Under System failure, Uncheck Automatically restart.

5) Click ok.

Auto restart.png