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Manual mode

Level 10
This is a nifty little tab in AC that gives you a few options, but mainly overclocking. Being able to alter power limits and fan curves is all good but Maybe you could add in a few optimisation features?

Instead of it being a pure OC profile which off the bat sets everything to max, have it set to system defaults. That way you know what your machine is currently using and you can tweak it a little from there instead of it having all the sliders on CPU over to nuclear mode. Add in core offset voltages too. Not to add but to take away. I mean if you're going to allow me to clock the tits off it, why not allow me to lower voltages? Better yet make that a BIOS option. Only people that know what they're doing are going to go looking for that anyway. It just makes more sense to be able to optimise it completely rather than throwing higher limits and pushing clocks.
I mean the cooler you keep the chips the longer they boost. So undervolting would mean less heat, longer boost more performance without OC. The undervolting would benefit all profiles but if manual is the only option to use it, I would.

Just food for thought.