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CPU Fans Shoot to 100%, Tweak III Functions Not Available

Level 8

Have a new build, Asus W790e Sage MB, Rog Strix OC RTX 4090.  Two to three days ago I first noticed the problem.  CPU fans (3 on a radiator with splitter off the cpu fan header) shot up to 100%.  I also noticed that the resolution of the screen had changed (it enlarged and I lost a strip across the bottom).  Rebooting solved the problem.  The next time this occurred (without the monitor issue), I went into Tweak and could not set the fan graph to manual from smart.  The next time it happened, the fan graph manual button was working but, swithching back and forth to smart wouldn't return the fan to a lower speed.  And this has happened twice today for a total of four times in three days.  None of this happened under stress and the cpu has been 40C.  I notice you state that NVidia Experience has a conflict, so I took it off the computer.  I will check my fan wiring.  And, a piece of advice, please, about bios fan settings consistent with Tweak.  Thanks.