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Rapid battery degradation

Level 7
Hello everyone, first post on these forums. Hoping to get some feedback from others regarding battery life on their ASUS gaming laptop

I thought we had advanced in battery technology to the point where it didn't matter anymore weather you left the device plugged in all time. Apparently I am wrong...I **** you not, for the first two weeks I had the laptop, i just left it plugged in %90 of the time. Then i go to play crysis (on ultra settings, of course) and it estimated my battery time left from %100 was a whopping FIFTY-FOUR MINUTES...?! I coulda sworn the day of purchase, that time was more like 1hr & 40 minutes. This is the first gaming laptop i've ever owned, and i wasn't foolish enough to think I'd be getting much more than 2 hours of gaming time on a full battery charge...but as for low cpu/gpu load programs i expected AT LEAST 3-4 hts....nope.

I stopped leaving it plugged in all the time, but somehow its telling me that total battery time just for reading emails or writing a txt document with brightness turned way down is hovering just over ONE HOUR. Is my battery defective? This seems absolutely insane/unacceptable for a laptop thats advertised as having ~5 hrs battery time

PS- the quoted times are on a system with bloatware removed and nothing running in the background that absolutely didnt need to be

Level 16
Nah, gaming laptops and batteries... wrong combination! I never had luck with Windows-based laptops and battery times - although I am not talking about gaming ones...
Overclocking (CPU/RAM/GPU), fan speeds also has an effect on the battery life - have you changed any of these?

Level 7
You can check your battery charge and wear levels by running a tool called HWINFO

Don't expect much about gaming laptops batteries - I would never run a game without being plugged in - when I use my laptop for non gaming and it is not plugged in, I then always set the battery setting to "Best Battery Life" - for gaming it is always plugged in and set to high performance

I also use the "Asus Battery Health Charging" tool to minimize battery wear with setting it to 60% max charge

So once i noticed the degradation I started charging only up to %60 and stopped leaving it plugged in when i wasn't using it.

Looking at CPUID HW monitor program, the designed capacity for my battery is 55020mWh, and my currrent full charge capacity is only 42852mWh....that means the overall battery life has degraded more than %20 in the ONE MONTH i've used it since 5 mo down the line i'm gonna have a laptop that you won't be able to use for even 10 minutes to check your email without it being plugged in because the battery is toast. That seems unacceptable to me. Surely my computer is still under warranty (i haven't looked into ASUS's specifics, but i bought the beast at the end of july...any way i could get asus to cover a new battery being put in? I understand they degrade and i understand and abide by the general rule of not playing games off battery power (i literally never have, except for those two times when i was testing it). It's never left in a hot car or anything like that, i'm aware of general battery health tips and follow them. I even have it plugged into a power regulator.