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Bluetooth and Network Controller ERROR

Level 7
One problem fixed, two new ones appear.

After fixing the USB issue I had with my HTC Vive, the Bluetooth 4.1 seems to not work properly.

Also the Network Controller randomly appeared to be broken. Not sure when this happened.

Bluetooth Driver installed: Version (07-08-2017)
LAN Driver installed: Version (11-09-2017)

Image of the error:


CPU: AMD 1950X @ Stock
GPU: MSI 1080 Ti @ Factory OC
RAM: G-Skill 64GB @ 2800Mhz
MOBO: ASUS Zenith Extreme
PSU: Corsair AX860

EDIT: Bluetooth Driver fixed by simply installing the Bluetooth drivers through Steam... Derp sorry. Network Controller issue persists.

Level 7
That is the Intel driver for the onboard LAN port, and it works fine for me.
If it is the Aquantia addon card try the "Aquantia 10G Ethernet connection Driver" instead. 🙂
You find it below the latest Intel LAN driver.

In case you meant wireless.:p
Wireless drivers have a own section on download page, between Utilities and Chipset.