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Windows 11 TPM BIOS settings

Could someone please walk me through the EXACT Windows 11 bios settings necessary for the Zenith II Extreme Alpha motherboard to be able to install the OS. I am able to install Windows 10 without issues but when I attempt to install Windows 11 I get ...

has anyone been able to post with ram at 3600 mhz

hie to all.i have been using my 1950x for a long time but i read that most of my issue could be becasue my ram is not fast enoughi bought a F4-3600C17Q-64GTZR when i got the threaripper becasue it was the ram you could see everywhere in all the test ...

masterac by Level 8
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Zenith ii extreme alpha bios reset

Hi, my pczenith ii extreme alpha motherboard, 3960x, 8x8 dominator 3200my problem it: when I unplug power from the case, then plug in agains, my bios keep say enter setup to recover bios setting, I have change cmos battery, still same problem.

Zenith Extreme II Alpha Load VGA Bios

Hello, the computer was working perfectly fine. Then one-day wifi wasn't working. I restarted and when it came back up, it wouldn't post nor could i get to the bios. First the board said cmos error, then after clearing cmos (with the button) then it ...

Load vga bios

Hello, friends. I have Asus rog zenith extreme Alpha ii cpu 3960x Threadripper, psu 1200 asus thor. Before that, it was 3090 and 128GB of RAM. Today I installed a radeon 7900xtx and 256GB of RAM. It loads up to the logo and on the display of the boar...

ctx by Level 8
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