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ASUS ZENITH 2 EXTREME ALPHA w/Samsung 980 Pro low performance (mirrored)

Level 7
Any advice is appreciated. I'm using 2x Samsung NVME 980 Pro 500GB drives in M.2 ports.

(1.) Specifically M.2_1 & M.2_2 defined in the BIOS as GEN 4.
(2.) BIOS defined Raid-1 is being used as boot drives under Windows 10 Pro.

Everything works, but performance is disappointing. Seq.Reads 3,533/Writes 1,143, Random Reads 41,748 IOPS/Writes 41,259 IOPS

Samsung Specs Seq. Reads Up to 6,900 MB/s/Writes Up to 5,000 MB/s, Random Reads Up to 22,000 IOPS/Writes up to 60,000 IOPS

Unfortunately, Samsung Magician utility has limited ability under this configuration due to onboard Raid being used. I can also see this array via Asus RaidXpert2 utility but am unable to modify Write Back Cache or Read Ahead. Both features show to be disabled.

These Samsung NVME 980 Pro drives do not offer a specific Samsung provided driver for Windows as far as I know.