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New bios when?

Level 7
The last few bios updates have been unstable (blue screens) or just dont post with XMP.

Does anyone think we'll ever get a new update at this point or is it safe to say asus canned this board.

Level 12
Which model are you referring to? I have a Maximus X Hero Wifi. The latest BIOS is 2701, released 11-Aug, 2021. That is almost 18 months ago but Asus has updated this BIOS 16 times since the mobo was released. I am by no means an Asus fan boy but I think that is pretty good. It is normal for BIOS updates to slow down and stop after a while for boards that are several years old. I have not had any trouble with Blue Screens or XMP.

Level 8
z390f latest bios is good for me