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Maximus XI Lan Driver won't install even with armoury crate disabled.

Level 7
Hello I grabbed the lan driver of the asus driver website for my board, and no matter what I do everytime I click install it does nothing.
Armoury crate is disabled in the BIOS but for what ever reason the lan driver refuses to install, any tips? Thanks.

Level 13
Have you tried getting it from vendor directly or Station Drivers?
Typically the only thing I bother with from ASUS website are drivers/software that cant be had anywhere else. Seems they never update the drivers or when they do they are still a few generations behind.

Which MXi are you running? Or do they all have the same Lan onboard?

Level 7
I too noticed the setup package seems broken. Same behavior - click setup and then nothing happens.

Level 7
It works. When you look in the Folder Manager and click asus.exe then it will be grey for 1 or 2 seconds. In this time he installs the driver. ( Same on Wlan driver)
I think it was broken until i make a new install of win 10. Then under network devices shows nothing( i install win without network connection, put cable off )After double click the lan driver was there.
When you install win with a active network connection then you get the latest driver automatically i think, sonis nothing more to do.
When you click in device manager on the intel adapter you will see that the latest driver is installed.***