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Maximus X Audio Popping

Hi everyone, I've noticed that I get random audio popping while listening to an audio Stream in Chrome while I am browsing other tabs or have Chrome in the background. I have forced Chrome not to throttle background tabs and have checked that I have ...

wambo by Level 7
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How to set "adaptive frequency" on cpu 8700k (FIXED)

Hi Guys, i need a help with my mobo settings, an "old" z370-h , basically i need to set my cpu frequency not stable at the max (in my OC 4,7Ghz) but free to change when the system is in idle... already tried intel step speed, and windows power managm...

3PiC29 by Level 7
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Resolved! Z370-E Boot's ok but can not get standard post display.

I put together a ROG Strix Z370-E system, from parts that were on a shelf for some years.It is working fine, except for one strange thing, that I have never seen before.When the ROG logo is enabled it works as expected during post.When the logo is se...

js37 by Level 7
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Problems with the USB-xHCI-Hostcontroller

Dear CommunityI've already searched through the forum posts and the internet about this problem, some of them stated actually the same, but there has never been an actual solution proposed to this problem. I'm having trouble with my ASUS ROG STRIX z3...

capoj by Level 7
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maximus x formula with rtx4070 crash problem

change my 1080TI to rtx4070,In the first attempt, I thought it was a defective new product, so I returned the RTX 4070.However, I bought the same graphics card again and the same problem occurred.There are no triggering conditions, sometimes two hour...

Z390 A Pro not booting after SSD install

I had installed a SSD this morning to use as expanded storage, but it wasn't showing up on my list of drives until I realized I had to enable m.2 in BIOS.After enabling, the SATA mode switches from AHCI to RAID which then causes an Inaccessible_Boot_...