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Z270 Strix No POST - Flashing MB Power Led

Level 7

I am hoping someone can help me diagnose an issue.

My PC shutdown unepxectedly and will no longer boot. The fans do not spin and there is no post. The only indication is a slow flashing orange LED just below the CHA_Fan1 connector

I've pulled the connectors from the MB and tested them in a PSU tester, the voltrages all appear good. I also removed the VGA card to take out big power draw items to see if the PSU was failing and could not cope with full load, but it still won't POST.

What would you recomnend be my next steps?

Thanks in advance

Hi Minimos,

I'm not sure of the exact model of your ROG Strix Z270 motherboard but, have you tried clearing the cmos with the clear cmos button or cmos jumper?

Please list your pc specs.