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Problem with 0906 BIOS

Level 7
I have just completed a new build, components:
ROG Strix Z270G motherboard
i7 7700K
32GB G.Skill TridentZ 3200
2x Samsung 960 EVO 500GB
and a couple of other SATA disks

All went well till I loaded Windows 10, fired it up and 1/2 hour later screen goes blank.
Anyway long story short after spent almost two days tracking it down to the integrated graphics not working. As soon as windows switches from VGA mode to proper driver screen goes blank. Note the excruciatingly long POST time didn't help. I tweeked every BIOS setting I thought relevant, loaded video driver from CD, Asus site and Intel site, and finally in desperation backed off and loaded 0801 BIOS. Success!
Anyway for my build, 0906 BIOS is broken. Hopefully Asus will fix it, and maybe do a bit more certification before pushing new BIOSes out.
Hope this saves someone else some frustration!

Level 7
Doesnt look like it will be any time soon. *Get used to the wait.*