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Maximus IX Formula flow sensor and temp sensor compatibility

Level 7
I notice there are inputs for flow sensors and temperature sensors on the board, but no details that I saw in the manual on which sensors are compatible? How would we tune different flow sensor/temp sensor curves if there is no mention of it and nothing that I saw in the BIOS (from reviews, getting the board tomorrow)


Level 7
I can report that Aquacomputer inline temp sensors work (on all 3 temp inputs) and report correct temps. No solid info on the flow sensor yet.

Level 8
Temp sensors are pretty much standard. Thinking its 10Kohms but my mind is slipping ATM.
Flow sensors simply provide pulses and different sensors have different pulses for flow amounts. I know my aquacomputer high flow sensor is 160PPM/liter of flow.
Steer clean of the bitpower flow sensor. The look nice but are utter garbage you have to choke down the inlet to a 6mm opening which kills your flow just to get the darn thing to spin then it wont spin for long.

This one works, be forwarned that you have to buy a special adaptor that looks like a 3 pin fan connector on steriods on the sensor end and it only comes in one length, about 7 inches long which is about useless so you will need a 3 pin fan extender.
use it on aquaero 6 pro

This one is GARBAGE!!!!

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Yeah I have the High Flow from Aquacomputer. I found out that it can be connected directly to the MOBO even though that supplies 12V not 5V as AC requires 😉 Its a Digmesa Hall effect sensor inside, and I checked spec sheets of their stuff; they are usually well over 20V max input voltage. I hooked it up with a makeshift pump (my Aquastream is still burned out due to their stupidity on BUS/FLOW input/output port and using 5V not 12V industry standard as you saw in another thread), and its reporting between 5 and 19l/m. Make of that what you will 😄

Meanwhile Aquacomputer has been completely useless, not providing truthful specs, and not answering a simple support inquiry on the sensor . (can it be plugged in to 12V not 5V sensor drive signal) They basically want you to use ALL of their proprietary things. I won't be going with them in any future builds for this reason.