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Speaker fill

Level 8

I bought a new PC, with maximus viii hero. My old motherboard is asus m4a87td evo.
My problem is i cant find the Speaker fill option in the realtek hd driver. With the old one it was work fine.
Now all my YT videos and other stuff is only 2.1
If i remove the driver i can switch on the virtual surround option in win 10 Enhancements tab but its dont work.
So what can i do? I need the surround speakers. I dont care if cloned the front one.
Any idea? Thx the answers.


Level 14
There are several threads in this forum on this topic, use the search feature at the top of the forum page, type in your query

I try search it before post. I didnt find the solution. Try the old driver, etc but nothing.
I found 3 post with "speaker fill" one is mine. Other 2 is full of useless information for me.

This is what i looking for:
I think this is very old driver.

Level 8
Previous ROG boards had DTS Neo:PC for analog connection, but it was removed in VIII series. You have to use Sonic Studio for that.

can u write it what need to do? i instaled the sonic studio

update: i switch on the sonic studio, i check the surround upmix, the test sound work properly. But the youtube music is still down on surround speakers.

Sikallat wrote:
But the youtube music is still down on surround speakers.

Use Firefox.

Terepin wrote:
Use Firefox.

Im opera fan.
Try the chrome, cuz someona said ther is an addon to mixup to 5.1, but doesnt work for me.

I have same issue asus strix b250f. My old gigaybte board had ability to play stereo sources in all 5.1 speakers. On this board stereo sources can't be filled. I also don't have a speaker fill options and checking the surround box in sonic studio III doesn't do anything for the 5.1 speakers.

Level 13
Speaker Fill is gone in new W10 drivers. Now with W10 version 1703 5.1 and 7.1 only works with in W10 or software that have 5.1 or 7.1 options. W10 audio all changed with the Creators Edition , Even some games that have 5.1 will not play 5.1 sound , only 2.1 . in Windows audio {W10} Speaker Properties no longer have Speaker Fill as option either. And my Supreme FX always resets my 7.1 speakers to 2.1 if 5.1 or 7.1 is not available in the application such as you tube or any other application. I have an Asus Rog Strix 270MB a latest drivers and Bios. Very annoying Speaker Fill is gone. I have not tried an older realtek driver that I know has Speaker fill as I am afraid ill lose Supreme FX and Sonic Studio. Some Older W10 realtek drivers have Speaker fill included in the driver. New drivers do not. hope my this all made sense