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ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha Bluetooth Disappeared

Level 7
Hey All,
I am experiencing and issue with my Motherboard and i wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue or know how to fix it.
I have an ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha board. The Motherboard is two years old and Ran with no issues until Last weekend when my Bluetooth device just disappeared. I have tried reinstalling drivers , Updating Bios, reinstalling windows, etc... No luck, Windows just does not detect the Bluetooth device any longer. Antenna is attached and wifi still works fine.... not that i use it much.

Another issue that is happening is When booting up it gets stuck on the ASUS ROG Post screen. A Reset will resolve this but it is annoying.

I7-6700k (Not OC)
ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha Board
GTX 1080ti
CoolerMaster 850 Gold PS
500GB SSD bootable

Any help would be amazing!

Level 7
Not sure if it will help but last time I had this problem. I reflashed my bios again using the USB Flashback feature. Then I just installed driver version from a third-party site. Haven't had any problems since win 10 build 1709.

I still occasionally get the issue with board not reading any UEFI devices which will the boot into the bios. Sometimes if I exit the bios, it will find my boot devices again and boot up. otherwise need a reset. Still don't know what's the issue is. Changed psu and ram still same issue.