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Updated bios finally after years and extremly annoyed.

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So i finally updated the bios after years. I had ran with the original bios that was shipped with my board and had no issues at all. I updated with hopes of gaining a performance increase also figuring it was time i finally did so. Since then i have had an on going issue with this BF Qcode. I know that its voltage related or bent pin related and i know the work around to it and dont have any issues with that. I simply just dont understand why if i apply optimal settings and reboot my pc with stock settings this is coming up. I can work around it by lowering my memory speed to 2133 and not increasing voltage and it will fix the issue. My xmp profile for my memory is 2666mhz if i do this tho i will instantly have the bf error which was never the issue running with the original bios. I guess what im trying to ask is why hasn't this been patched or fixed its simply annoying if i apply stock settings the machine should boot up with no issues. The average user isnt gonna know how to go in and adjust voltages or change memory speeds or any of the things required to make this stop.

oh also i do not have any bent pins and i have remounted this board several times in several different cases nothing seems to change the outcome.

Board: Rampage V edition 10
Processor: i7 5820k
Ram: Hyper X Fury 32gb quad channel

Super Moderator
The memory rules will have changed a lot since the release BIOS. Did you bother to make note of associated voltages and sub timings before flashing? When overclocking memory it’s always wise to do so.

This sounds a lot like what's going on with my Rampage V Extreme U3.1 motherboard which is also paired with a Haswell-E (i7 5960x in my case). My error is more extreme. If I update to the latest BIOS, my 32GB Corsair LPX 3000MHz kit is not even recognized. I have to stay on BIOS 2001 just to pass POST. If I overclock the RAM beyond 2800MHz, I also get the q code "bF". Also, I found that my gaming experience was unstable with RAM overclocks at 2800MHz. So I'm sticking with BIOS version 2001 and running at stock RAM speeds of 2133MHz with my 15-15-15-35 timings.

Just to update - I fixed my problem by upgrading my RAM to a tight Samsung B die kit. It increased my uncore clock and RAM clock. Very happy, but I paid handsomely for that happiness...

ahh yeah i pretty much did the same i went and bought the corsair vengeance pro rgb memory and havent had to make any adjustments or had the issue at all since other then applying the timing and memory speed its been stable as it should of been from the start 2 years ago lol