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Problem with RAM and/or warmboot

Level 7

first: excuse me for my bad english.

second: Here is my configuration:

ASUS Rampage V Extreme
Intel 5960x
Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB 8x8GB Kit CMD64GX4M8A2666C15
4x 256GB Samsung 850 PRO (RAID0) as system disk
1x 512GB Samsung 850 PRO for data
1x ASUS Essence STX II 7.1 soundcard
be Quiet Dark Power PRO 10 1200W
2x EVGA GTX980
Windows 8.1 x64

third: Here are the problems:

Problem (A):
the following scenario:
1. PC is restarted (cold start). User is logged on.
2. PC is put into sleep mode and then waked up again. User logs on to Windows.
3. The "Restart Windows" Windows function is executed.

-> PC reboots, you will hear the beep signal. However, the PC remains in / stand before the start of the operating system (only a cursor appears at the screen, no Windows boot logo). In Windows log is an error "event volmgr 46 Initialization of the memory dump failed" to find.
Various settings regarding. The swap file, etc. did not help. It seems as if the Mainboard does not find the system hard disk (boot disk) after performing a restart after a power-saving state.
I have tested this with the 1001 BIOS. But here I get after restarting a long beep followed by 3 short ones.
I believe that with a previously installed 16GB RAM kit, the problem has not occurred.
If I shutdown the PC and start it manually, everything is OK.
Installing BIOS 1201 and 1302 brought no improvement.
What can I do to fix it? The RAM is running with XMP settings 2666 15-17-17 1.35V.

Problem (B):
The RAM is not always fully recognized in XMP settings to 2666 15-17-17 1.2V from a cold start. Sometimes it happens that only 48GB are displayed instead of 64GB. I increase the RAM voltage from 1.2V to 1.35V, the problem is gone. The RAM is certified with 1.2V but for the set timing (XMP). Various RAM and CPU test programs provided no errors.
What can I do to run the RAM at 1.2V?

Level 15
Clear your CMOS and run your RAM at the stock 2133MHz frequency for a while to test your system. See if the issues continue to show up.

As a sidenote, running 64GB of 2666MHz RAM will put a lot of stress on the CPU's IMC. So not every CPU can handle it. Also you might need to make some manual adjustments to timings and voltages.


problem (A) seems to be solved. I cleared the bios and just activated the memtest option in the DRAM timing settings for cold and fast boot.
Then I activated the XMP profile for 2666-15-17-17. Instead of BCKL 125, i used 100 and an CPU multiplier of 40. CPU voltage is set to adaptive 0.001V and 1.184V --> 1,185V. DRAM voltage ist set to 1.35V. CPU and GPUs are watercooled.

Problem (B) is not really a problem. The RAM runs without problems on 1.35V at 2666-15-17-17. I think i can ignore this.

Prime95 28.5 tests are all OK. Futuremark Firestrike Ultra gives me 7304 points.
Thanks MM69

Level 7
Problem (B) is solved. I set the RAM to 2667-14-14-14-27-2T 1.35V. This works perfekt.
Also Setting to 2400-14-14-14-27-2T 1.20V works fine.
I also OC my CPU to 4.2Ghz 1.244V.