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FX505DT Toggle Display Issues

Level 7
Hi Guys

New member here, I've bought an Asus FX505DT-BQ023T and performance wise everything is great. However, I am having issues with the toggle display. My old Asus F55LJ which is just an ordinary notebook with Windows 8.1 whenever I would press the Fn + F6 button it would always work like a charm. The FX505DT whenever I press the FN + F6 button the display would turn off however if I press a key or move the mouse it would immediately come back on. I don't want the display to turn on if I move the mouse or click the keyboard just like my old laptop. Btw it's Windows 10.

All drivers and BIOS are up-to-date as listed on the ASUS download page. I've searched far and wide for a solution to this problem but couldn't find anything. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks 😄